Centria Mall aims to uphold professional excellence and personal attention towards both our tenants and our customers. Treat their clients and partners with the utmost respect and deference. They consider their partners needs in conducting all aspects of our business. To be the pinnacle of luxury brands in Riyadh City. Why Centria? As a unique and exclusive shopping platform, Centria has earned its reputation as a pioneering fashion destination. They have been able to stand ourselves out from the indistinguishable crowd of malls, offering internationally acclaimed names not found elsewhere in the Kingdom, an opportunity to showcase their designs. Centria is proud to host the most modern and reputable brands available in the international market. Their elite tenants and choice of fine-dining eateries have resulted in acquiring a highly-exclusive and privileged customer base. The superior quality of the brands we house, are surpassed only, by the refined quality of their visitors. Through their constant pursuit of excellence, they were able to offer their customers an all-encompassing, boutique shopping experience.

Whether one is looking for the most contemporary designer fashions, or wishing to experience a gastronomic feast of exotic and unmatched cuisines, Centria Mall offers it all, in one upscale, majestic and centrally located environment. Centria Mall is well on its way to becoming synonymous with the trend-setting luxury of Bond Street and the charming allure of the fashionable Parisian Avenue Montaign. 360 Riyadh position was in engaging such mall into the latest trends of technology by allowing them to adapt to the virtual world and create a virtual tour that will allow them to put their brand on the map world wide.

Centria Mall virtual tour was a comprehensive one gathered every single angle and aspect from the highway till the facilities and features including shops presented in a responsive and user friendly manner. Our plan is get malls in Riyadh to put their name on the map with the help of our professional team and our partnership with google. Where google will help malls in Riyadh to represent what they have and allow potential visitors, investors and brands to consider their malls as a spot to market their products.