ALARGAN is one of the leading real estate companies in Kuwait. The company has grown from being a family owned real estate company to being a recognized brand that is associated with quality, innovation, affordability and reliability. The company began in 1994 when the founders recognized a need in the market for a trusted and forward thinking real estate company. ALARGAN’s resources, market experience, and risk assessment capabilities have strengthened the company’s position in the real estate market, enabling ALARGAN to provide affordable quality middle income housing across the GCC region. ALARGAN innovatively tailors every project to the dynamics of the specified market and its unique requirements. 

ALARGAN has expanded in the GCC region and has subsidiaries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Sultanate of Oman. VRMENA conducted two parts project virtual tour around projects in Riyadh and Dammam cities throughout this Virtual Tour you will be exposed to parts of the real estate listed in both cities in High Definition and user friendly manner being able to view it via any device due to its responsiveness and use it via any gadget that supports Virtual Reality. 

AlArgan Group used these Virtual Tours to allow potential clients to view their projects and to give the chance for potential investors to view AlArgan work and portfolio in a technological modern manner. Our plan is to expand and include real estate companies in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and make Virtual Tour Dubai and Virtual Reality Dubai a living reality. You may view the project Damman or Riyadh by clicking on the button on the left side.